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About Our Log Buildings

We pride ourselves in creating custom buildings unique to each customer's needs. We have a general system that we begin with, but we work with every customer to ensure that specific needs are met. Our buildings are always delivered as fully built "sections" or in many cases as a whole unit already. This allows for you to prepare the building site, while we build your custom log building in our shop. We deliver our buildings on a tilt-and-winch style trailer with rollers, and can use skid steers to move buildings into place if needed. (Note: We strive to get the building in on the trailer as far as possible, hopefully within feet of the building site. Please be sure a building of the size you are ordering can be navigated near your desired location.)

Given that our buildings are delivered to you, we keep our buildings to a limit of 32' in length, 12' in width, and 11' peak height. If you building needs are within these limitations, then your building can be delivered and set up in a matter of minutes! If you need more square footage, we can build several units or sections that will be attached upon delivery. A building order of 2 to 3 sections can still be delivered and finished in a matter of a couple days!

All of our buildings are built of quality kiln dried 4"x6" pine logs. Each row is pulled together with high-grade lag screws and liquid nail. With this process we can assure an air tight seal and a clean uniform look! Our buildings can be broken up into rooms using the same log system on the inside leaving you with the option to add restrooms, bedrooms, privacy walls, and hallways. 

Once the basic "shell" of the building has been figured, you can then begin to plan for various entrances, windows, doors, decks, cabinets, flooring, roofing, stains, etc. 

Doors: You may change or add entrances and windows to your liking. Some doors may be quite simple additions, while some can be larger gabled entries with decks and added ceiling space. ! 

Windows of various sizes, colors, and functions can be added to customize your building. Our stock windows are Single-hung, Double-pane, and come in 4 sizes (2x3, 4x3, 6x3, and 4x1 Transom) We are more than happy to install any other windows of your liking, but material cost and installation may then change.

Flooring: Buildings come standard with plywood, but we can add our own pine board flooring, vinyl, or laminate!

Roofing: We use Wheatland Steel for our roofing. Currently there are over 20 colors to choose from! Please inquire about using shingles instead of steel.

Wood Stain and Stabilizer: You may choose different tones for both the exterior and interior surface of the logs. The logs with then be coated with a clear protectant designed to be Step 2 of the log treatment process. As with other wood buildings and surfaces, your building will need some maintenance in the future. A general rule of thumb is that you will need to apply a protectant coat every 4-6 years. We recommend using a pump sprayer and following up with a brush to remove any running of the product. 

 Although our log walls may be different from other buildings, the ceiling and floor structure is much like any other building. We use a 16" on center truss design and AC2 Pressure Treated wood for protection from the elements and longevity of your building. We generally add R13 insulation to both the ceiling and the floor, allowing you to use you building all year! Logs act a little differently compared to regular insulation, as they are known to "charge" and actually radiate heat back out.  

Heating and Cooling:  Your building can be heated with propane/NG heaters, electric heaters, wood burning stoves, or forced air (if set on crawl space or basement). As for cooling, simple duct venting can be set up through the wall for an AC unit or the unit can be permanently mounted. *TIP: Ceiling fans can help greatly with air movement during both heating and cooling!

Electrical: Most of our buildings are wired, and with solid log walls it makes running wire a little more more difficult. We drill holes for running wiring up walls during the building process. Wire running horizontally is trenched into the bottom row of logs and then covered with a trim board. Wiring can be run in the ceiling much like common building systems, which gives you the option of ceiling lighting and fans. As for outlets and switches, you can customize placement to fit your needs. On single building units, your fuse box will already be signed and dated to code and all you will need to do is get power ran to the box. On multi-unit builds, junction boxes will be used to connect each unit following delivery and joining of the buildings. 

 Decks: We can create decks of various sizes and designs to fit your needs. We try to have deck and railings prebuilt in sections that are delivered on a separate trailer, to ensure we keep the delivery and setup process quick and mess free! 

Additions: We create custom pine cabinets, Murphy Tables & Beds, as well as other various functional items for your building. We also have a direct connection to beautiful local handmade Aspen log furniture at great costs! (Dinner Tables, chairs, beds, dressers, coffee tables, nightstands, end tables, and more!)

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